Beat the Brain Fog

Hire a Virtual Assistant

Do you equate being busy with being important?

Is your head like a saucepan of popcorn – constantly exploding with new ideas?

Do you find yourself saying: ‘I’ll just tackle this to-do-list, answer any outstanding emails, update social media, and THEN I’ll deal with the important jobs this afternoon?’

But it doesn’t happen does it? 5pm rolls around and your-to-do-list is bigger than ever, there are even more unread emails boldly taunting you from their cosy inbox, and you know you really should answer all the queries and comments your morning social media marketing generated.

Brilliant, you think – new business. But what about the old business that you intended to deal with later today? Does it wait? What are your priorities? What is more important?

And suddenly it descends – the brain fog of bedlam, the cloud of chaos, the haze of hopelessness. Pass the coffee/Red Bull (insert drug of choice) it’s going to be a long night!

But what is the cost of this behaviour? What are you sacrificing? How long can you continue down this damaging spiral?

It’s ok to ask for help.

You can do anything you want, but you can’t do EVERYTHING!

You did make that initial step a few weeks back when you sent us an email asking for virtual assistance. We thought to ourselves now here is someone who knows how to run a successful business. Here is someone so confident in their own skin that they are not afraid to ask for help to improve their productivity. Here is someone who, in their own way, is going to change the world.

But then nothing. Radio silence. Where have you gone?
* Maybe you hired a permanent employee to solve your problems. Not the best decision financially, but a step in the right direction.
* Maybe you were able to delegate to existing staff? Great, I hope they’re still happy in their jobs and not currently online searching for new, less stressful jobs.
* Maybe – and I really hope this is not the case – you have actually been SO busy trying to do EVERYTHING that you have just not had the time to contact us again?

Or is it more the case that you are not ready to let go?
* Are you worried that you will have to train someone else to understand your systems?
* Are you concerned that you have all the ideas but no processes in place to be able to outsource work?
* Are you fearful that no-one else can offer the level of professionalism, skilfulness or commitment as you?

Fear not. Not only are we multi-skilled high-level virtual assistants, we are also self-employed, which means that we make the most of every second of every day. We don’t spend time web browsing, Instagram posting, Facebook stalking or tweeting. We are worth so much more than that.

Yes, we will require an initial meeting in which we will discuss your needs, pain points and aspirations, but isn’t it worth one hour of your time to save many hours in the future. Plus this initial one-hour meeting is totally free of charge. Who doesn’t love a freebie?

We know it’s scary to hand over any portion of your business to someone else; trust us we’ve been there. But, we also know that it was the best decision we made, and we would not be where we are today without having delegated and prioritised.

So, put down whatever you’re doing right now, close your eyes and let the fog dissipate, then send us an email, or better still call us. We promise that this will be the most productive action you take today.

To find out how Farren’s can help your business, call us on 07929359781 or email us at