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Claire empowered me to be the kind of leader and manager that I want to be.

When I met Claire, I was reaching the point of burn-out and I was in serious need of added support. Our sessions gave me a safe space to open up about the pressures I was under without judgement that I wasn’t capable of doing my job well.

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She's really helped me feel even more productive and in control of everything

It’s been great working with Claire, and regardless of whether you think you’re a productive and organised person, Claire will help you be better than you are, or think you are.

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Bringing her on as my productivity partner has been one of the best decisions I've made.

I run two businesses, manage 16 people, and have all sorts of other roles and commitments to community groups – as well as having three young children.  In short, it’s a juggling act, and before I brought Claire onboard I was always worried about which balls I was dropping!  I used to describe my email inbox as a jungle and was constantly apologising to people for not replying to their messages.

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Without a doubt undertaking the Farrens PA Mentoring Programme run by Claire alongside Ed (my Director) has been a major turning point for me.

Prior to undertaking the Programme I felt that I was not utilising my abilities to fully support Ed. A large part of this was down to my own lack of confidence as both Ed and I were new to the Director/PA relationship.

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I thought I was organised and productive until I met Claire.

Following my 6 week training I became clear on what was beneficial to me and the organisation, focusing on real value tasks that generated true outcomes. Claire training is focused, clear and rewarding.

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Sometimes you meet someone that changes your life. For some it's a teacher, for others a family member. For me it's Claire.

She has given me:

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Claire delivered us a programme of team development which significantly improved our L&D teams’ work processes and systems, resulting in significant efficiencies and greater effectiveness.

Not only this, the programme also allowed us to learn about each others’ strengths and how to work together more effectively as a team.

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Claire's energy, focus and enthusiasm is infectious and yields incredible results for those she works with.

Claire is so committed to getting the results you want and makes the journey fun along the way.

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