Essential Skills for a Busy Office Environment

The modern office environment is ever changing, and stress levels are on the rise. This programme will show delegates how best to use technology and professional systems to become efficient and well-organised regardless of their role.

<strong>What are Essential Skills for a Busy Office Environment Training?</strong>

Working smartly and efficiently, using the tools that surround you is key!

Office environments are changing, and technology is becoming more accessible. The tools which we now have access to for free, have been designed to make work life easy. However, offices are still often trying to find out what works for their environment.

This course has been designed to show you the tools and skills you need to work in a busy office environment. Planning and prioritising are important to all roles, we need a combined way of working to ensure stress levels are managed and people are confidently dealing with daily challenges.

<strong>Who is it for?</strong>

Anyone who works in an office environment.

<strong>What does the course cover? </strong>
<li>Supporting you in your role</li>
<li>Showing up as a team member daily</li>
<li>How to use IT tools to support you and your team/colleagues</li>
<li>Tasks management and delegation</li>
<li>Project management tools</li>
<li>Communicating effectively through various channels</li>
<li>Prioritise effectively and manage conflicting priorities</li>
<li>Defining your office values and etiquette</li>
<li>Processes and procedures</li>
<li>Defining roles and responsibilities in the office to work more effectively</li>

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