Five minutes with Farrens

Hi! Welcome to our blog.

Just a quick question: do you have five minutes to spend with us today?

Of course you don’t. Your to-do-list is overflowing, you spend so much time procrastinating most of the time you forget what you actually want to achieve, you never leave the office before 8 pm and your family are wondering if you even remember what they look like. Why would you spend even five minutes of your precious time reading a blog post?

Because these might just be the most productive five minutes of your entire day.

Let us introduce ourselves. We are Farrens and we offer executive assistance with a difference.

What does that mean? Why are we different?

Let’s think back to those illusive five minutes. Could you spare them if we said we could save you hours?

I know what you’re thinking. Virtual assistants are just glorified admin assistants who spend their days drinking coffee either in their pyjamas or in the latest must-visit coffee houses, aren’t they? NO!
We are so much more than this.

We are special. Yes, we said it. But we’re not the only ones who have said it.

Eavesdropping recently, we overheard a conversation between two CEO’s that culminated with the statement: ‘if you’ve not worked with Farrens then you’ve missed a beat in business.’

It’s true…
We are passionate.
We are professional.
We are commercial.
We are strategic.
But most of all we are confident that we can find solutions to remove the flaws in your business plan that are holding you back from running your business like a boss! Have we got your attention yet?

We have worked tirelessly to establish ourselves as specialist business strategy makers, combining the collaborative skills of sales, mentoring, personal assistance, project management, marketing and editorial support. Add to that a unique understanding of lifestyle management, an awareness of organisational and effective management procedures and an abundance of top-rated and honest customer service and you have only just begun to scratch the surface of what we can offer you.

But, wait what is that I hear you say? ‘If I work hard enough and fast enough, I can get it all done. No one can get it done better or faster than I can.’

Newsflash! Three minutes ago you didn’t even have five minutes to spare!

Sure, it is entirely possible that you could do everything yourself, but where would that get you? The key to growing a successful business is the art of delegation. Even the most successful business people ask for help at some point (and simultaneously create internationally renowned TV shows #theapprentice). Only by accepting this will you ignite your leadership possibilities. And, more importantly, only then will you be able to embrace a happier work-life balance. Yes, that is the sound of you breathing a sigh of relief. Want to hear more?

Martin Luther King Jr. once said ‘you don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step’. If you take the first tentative step with Farrens we will lead you up the staircase to great success.

Maybe it’s our ability to deliver consistent results or our commitment to always collaborate with the best people we know. Possibly it’s simply our honesty and integrity that has allowed us to grow into a business that we can be exceedingly proud of. Ultimately, we are passionate about driving businesses forward and the loyalty and positive responses we consistently receive from our clients makes all of our hard work worthwhile.
Anyway, we’re here to talk about you. Come and see us and partake in that highly underrated morning cup of coffee (we promise not to be in our pyjamas, although we cannot promise to only keep you five minutes).

To find out how Farren’s can help your business, call us on 07929359781 or email us at