March 2020

PA to VA overnight, thanks to COVID-19

I have received a number of messages and read a lot of posts regarding PA’s having to adapt to being a Virtual Assistant overnight due to the current circumstances.
PA to VA overnight, thanks to COVID-19

This switch can feel uncomfortable and stressful. Usually when this happens you are at a time in your life when you are making this decision and there has been a lot of time planning this change.

However, right now, you are in a place of being told this is happening and you have do this and do it now, due to circumstances that no one could have predicted!

There are many reasons why you are feeling anxious and tense but there will 2 main ones that may resonate with you:

Communication and Control

Communication is vital to our role as a PA. We are a communication expert whether we like it or not! Our day is driven by communication and interaction with others. It is our job to communicate with others daily, to source solutions for issues, to make arrangements, find out what is going on…communication is important to everything we do. So, how do we communicate with what feels like an intense amount of distance?

Control, whether you choose to admit this or not, as a PA control is important to us. It is important for us to deliver our role every day. This doesn’t mean you are controlling, but you job needs you to have control over a lot of areas….this is a fact!

Therefore, your stress levels right are surging because you are feeling out of control, you don’t have all the answers to this change which is coming towards you thick and fast. How do you keep control when you are not in your environment, your comfort zone, the place where you know how everything works and what needs to happen to keep everything working?

Hit the pause button please


I would like you sit down with a pad and paper (yes, this is old school but humour me), write down all the things that are making you feel stressed, anxious, tense, uncomfortable about working from home. Once you have finished your list, go and make a drink, walk away from the list. When you come back to your list, I want you to read it like someone has come to you looking for your help, your support with these areas of concern. Put you PA hat on and write solutions for each of them down the right hand side. Yes, there will be a few which you are unsure of and this is where I can help you. Email me and I will help you – we are in this together!

PA’s are strong, resilient, robust, stable, we have more answers than we give ourselves credit for!

You have got this but you need to adapt quicker than you have ever adapted before. There is a solution for every area of concern.

If you would like sometime to discuss this, please contact me!!

Please do not go into this situation defeated at the first hurdle, which I know is a big one, I am available to help and support you through this!

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