August 2018

Why we are your best choice.

Ideas alone do not a successful business make.
Why we are your best choice.

Every good entrepreneur needs a team of supportive people behind them and the trusty PA is usually top of the list. But is hiring a full-time salaried member of staff the best option nowadays? Would a virtual assistant be a more savvy option in today

Wait a minute, don

Yes we do, but let’s break the figures down.

Imagine this £26,707 is based on a 37.5 hour week, with four weeks holiday – already you have four weeks in which you are paying for no work to be completed. Now don’t get us wrong we fully believe everyone is entitled to paid holiday. Our point is that for those four weeks your workload, or your employees’ workloads, will increase significantly. Or you will have to employ a temporary virtual assistant to cover the workload in those four weeks, thus paying double.

Let’s also consider the working day. Every staff member is entitled to an hours paid lunchbreak, another hour you are paying for with no return. Factor into this equation paid sick leave and tax, pension and national insurance contributions and the £ signs are quickly increasing before your eyes.

It is important to remember that a personal assistant is a long-term commitment; you will, for the most part, have a guaranteed member of staff to take your calls, make your bookings and generally manage your administration on a daily basis. But what if you don’t actually have enough work for a full-time, or even a part-time PA. What if you actually only need to employ someone one or two days a week, or even one or two weeks a month?

A virtual assistant is essentially a pay-as-you-go service.

Yes, we charge £30 an hour but if you only need us for 10 hours a week our annual cost would be £15,707 (if you employed us for 52 weeks of the year) immediately saving you £11,000!

We’re sounding pretty good right now aren’t we?

I know what you’re thinking – just how much can we get done in 10 hours, compared to a full-time member of staff working 37.5 hours? Trust me – a lot! For the very reason that we’re looking attractive to you right now, we are also attractive to other entrepreneurs and, more importantly, if we want to make a decent salary every year we have to make every minute count so we will often be juggling various clients at the same time, but don’t panic we’re amazing at multitasking and being bored is our kryptonite.

Not to harp on about cost but we also save you money in other areas. Our very essence as virtual assistants means we work primarily online from wherever we choose. Therefore our office space is not your responsibility, neither is our office chair, our laptop, our software, our hardware, our pens, our paper, our printer, our ink, our phones or even our coffee (and trust me that is saving you a fortune alone #coffeeislife). Every element of office life is our responsibility and ours alone.

Another area in which we excel is technology. Our need to be efficient means we also have to be highly skilled. It is likely your PA will know their way around Windows, but are they able to also manage your social media, your HR systems, your accounting processes, your sales forecasts, your event coordination and your project management?

We are.

Being a team of highly specialised virtual assistants we can offer a bespoke package to your company to solve every pain point and problem you have. Each member of the Farrens team comes to the world of virtual assistance from a very different background. Our combined skillset is impressive and vast. We are commercially aware, creative and strategic and we understand that every business is different, and every entrepreneur works differently. In fact we ourselves all work differently, but that is what makes us unique.

It would be extremely easy to bore you with a list of our generic qualities (proactive, professional, resourceful, organised blah blah blah) but we’re so much more than that.

Give us a call, better still come and meet us and you will realise that we can revolutionise the way your business runs, and still afford a holiday.

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