July 2018

You’ve Got a Friend in Us

‘Why not work with your friends? It’s working with people you know, with whom you share the same sensibility.’ (Will Ferrell)
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You know that feeling you get when you meet someone who you instantly click with?

The feeling that you must have known this person in a previous life?

A distinct sense of comradeship.

A gut reaction.

An acknowledgement this this person is going to be a life-long friend and, quite possibly, one of the most influential people in your life from this point forward.

We do.

We were lucky to have this defining moment in March 2017.

We know what you’re thinking – what does this have to do with you. Well my friend (yes, we too can be friends) so much more than you could imagine.

Teamwork Can Make the Dream Work

The fact that we are both self-employed means that we both understand that time and money are paramount both for ourselves and for our clients. Yes, we are aware that money can be the root of all evil, and that countless friendships and, indeed marriages, have broken down over money issues. However we have found that as long as we have always remained transparent and in-tune with each other we have tended to think along the same lines financially, and have found it easy to make financial decisions.
The same has been true for our time. Not only are our familial situations similar we have both worked full-time (and some) in the not too distant past. Currently our shared drive for the perfect work-life balance means that we support each other and pick up the slack if one of us is feeling overworked. We are lucky to have recently recruited three further associates who we are keen to utilise to improve our-work life balance further.

So how does this help our clients?

By having this mutually rewarding relationship we are able to pass these benefits on to our clients. Take emails as an example we know that the number of emails most business owners and entrepreneurs receive on a daily basis is absolutely ludicrous. By outsourcing even just their email management or a small percentage of their workload to us has allowed our clients to spend their time more affectively. This small investment in their business has allowed them time to focus on other, more urgent, important or lucrative tasks.

Friends with Benefits (of a different type)

Working with a friend is enjoyable and exciting because they know you on a personal level. You get along, you’re socially compatible, you can take lunch breaks together and even vent to one another. But more importantly you complement each other (No we don’t spend all day telling each other just how amazing we are – we complement not compliment!). We have such a broad range of skills, both similar and at completely opposite ends of the scale, but this just enhances our working fusion and also expands the services that we can offer our clients.

The term virtual assistant is so broad and encompasses so many different elements, more than we ever imagined possible. Farrens is now composed of a team of five associates and the list of services we can provide gives the list of flavours in Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans a run for their money. If any one of us was to set up a virtual assistance company on our own there is no doubt that we would be successful in our own niche industries, however as a team we are unstoppable. If you ever want to be inspired come and have a coffee with us all. The mind maps and brainstorms we develop by combining all of our creative energy would have you wishing you’d met us years ago.

Yes we do giggle, and we do chatter, and we do swap mortifying stories but this only brings us closer together and increases the trust that we have in each other, which in turn provides a more coherent service for our clients. A wise man once said he’d never worked a day in his life. And no he hadn’t spent his life in the dole queue he’d worked seven days a week but he’d done it in a job that he loved, a job that he didn’t class as work, a job that he was inspired to do every day. Now if that isn’t the dream we don’t know what is.

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