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Director Mentoring Programmes

With 15 years’ experience working with the C Suite from global corporates to local authorities to entrepreneurs to parliamentarians. She transforms senior leaders from burnt out to high impact, using her unique formula and approach.

What is mentoring for the Directors?

  • Ensuring the Director and leadership team understands their remit
  • Ensuring the leadership team understands their remit
  • Expectations are detailed and communicated
  • Strategic objectives are in place and being completed
  • Supporting and educating the leadership team in the best way to effectively manage the relationship and improve performance and productivity
  • Ensuring processes and procedures are streamlined and aligned with expectations

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How will this work?

The model blends a bespoke mix of on-the-job training, coaching and mentoring support for the individuals throughout the process. Training and mentoring is tailored to meet the needs of the director, the leadership team and the business. Potential sessions with the leadership to find out business challenges and ensure these are managed with the director.

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