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Executive Assistant Mentoring Programme

The PA/EA role is a unique role which can be isolating. Using our knowledge and experience via coaching techniques we can educate anyone in the role on how to ensure this is managed effectively.

What is the Executive Assistant Mentoring Programme?

Personality synergy is key for this role to be successful, it must work for the culture of the business and for the relationship between Director and PA/EA. Every PA/EA should understand the strategy of the business and commercial awareness of the key priorities, in order to fully support the Directors and leadership team effectively. I will implement succession plans allowing the EA/PA opportunity for growth and development.

Recruitment for this role can be difficult due to personality synergy, having support through this process can be instrumental. Using my experience, I can provide support and create a structured environment to complete the process. I can manage an end to end bespoke recruitment service from candidate CV selection and interview, right through to recruitment and on the job induction coaching and mentoring.

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What is Coaching for the Directors?

  • Ensuring the Director and leadership team understands the PA/EA remit
  • Supporting and educating the leadership team in the best way to effectively manage the relationship and improve performance and productivity
  • Understanding the strength of the PA/EA role and trusting a PA/EA
  • Having an “open” and confidential relationship
  • Respecting their views and suggestions
  • Supporting the strategy of the business


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What is Coaching for the PA/EA?

The programme will ensure that the company PA/EA fully understands their remit to maximise support to the leadership team. The PA/EA will become aligned with:

  • The high-level strategy and aims and objectives of the business
  • Supporting and influenci1ng the business culture and ethics
  • Director/Board member characteristics
  • Always being ‘One Step ahead’ of the directors
  • Supporting the business across various platforms and areas

    Throughout the programme, the PA/EA will continually build confidence and structure within the role to maximise their effectiveness to support the leadership team.

Who is it for?

  • Aspiring PA/EA
  • Newly promote PA/EA
  • First time PA/EA employers
  • Realigning Business/directors and PA/EA responsibilities

How will this work?

The model blends a bespoke mix of on-the-job training, coaching and mentoring support for the individuals throughout the process. Training and mentoring is tailored to meet the needs of the individual, the directors/leadership team and the business. Initial discussions with Director(s)/Line Manager(s) are critical to ensure the business aims and objectives are clearly defined and understood.

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