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Bespoke training courses adapt to you and your skills

Farrens are passionate about supporting organisations to be as productive and efficient, ensuring they are working smart.

Top 10 tips for working from home - 4, communication!

Hybrid Working Training

This course will enable your and your team, if you wish to be trained together, to create a collaborative working strategy. Individuals and teams will learn how work effectively and collaboratively in a hybrid working environment.

Time Management Training

This programme is bespoke to you and your office needs to ensure the environment you work in becomes focused, effective, productive and most of all, enables you to deliver your workload in full and on time, every time.

Top 10 tips for working from home – 7, attitude!

Office Management Training

A unique, bespoke programme to deliver first class Office Management skills to your office. Find out how to enable technology to boost productivity and change your office from a reactive to a proactive environment.

Top 10 tips for working from home – 8, know your distractions

PA Training

This programme is designed to train you across all areas and expectations of the PA role. Ensuring you are anticipating the needs of your director/senior manager, working productively and utilising technology effectively whilst managing the expectations of the others and the organisation.

Bite Size Training

We have created a series of bite sized training courses which are trained in a virtual environment to provide you with the skills and tools you need to be as productive as possible whether you are based in an office or at home.

Productivity Workshop

The workshop will share productivity principles and practices, confirming the benefits of working productively whilst we adjust to a blend of home working and office-based working which will support our wellbeing in a positive manner.

Bespoke training

We adapt to you and your needs

Our training courses have been designed with a base structure and then adapted and developed into bespoke training programmes which work for your industry, role, requirements, processes and individual needs.

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