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PA Training

This programme is designed to train you across all areas and expectations of the PA role. Ensuring you are anticipating the needs of your director/senior manager, working productively and utilising technology effectively whilst managing the expectations of the others and the organisation.

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What is PA Training?

The role of a PA can span across the organisation or be very specific. The need for attention or detail, efficient time management skills, organisational skills and the ability to manage various personalities is key for this role. This training will allow you to explore your limits of all the areas of the PA role, understand the expectations and be trained on practices and principles to allow you to deliver this role to the best of your ability.

This role demands a diverse number of skills from planning, organising, communication and various levels of administrative duties. Therefore, this course has been designed to provide you with a multitude of skills and knowledge to allow you to be successful within this role.

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Why choose us?

Still need convincing? Here you can see our latest testimonial on how our course delivered.

    I can most definitely say that undertaking the PA Mentoring Programme has been by far the best experience.

    Without a doubt undertaking the Farrens PA Mentoring Programme run by Claire alongside Ed (my Director) has been a major turning point for me.

Who would benefit?

Any PA who wish to redefine their role, or newcomers looking to excel at their first role as a PA.

What does this training cover?

  • The role and expectations of the PA
  • Meeting management
  • Effective planning and workload prioritisation
  • Time management
  • Using technology effectively
  • Communication skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Office management
  • Office etiquette and ethics
  • Project Management
  • Managing Budgets
  • Working as a team and with difficult people

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