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Productivity Workshop

The workshop will share productivity principles and practices, confirming the benefits of working productively whilst we adjust to a blend of home working and office-based working which will support our wellbeing in a positive manner.

What to expect?

You will learn how productivity principles have practices which align with them to increase your productivity levels and support your wellbeing.

These are developed through planning your day effectively; communicating well to manage expectations of others and yourself; improve performance by using IT Tools in the right way to support you and the processes you need to follow; and reduce work related stress by having effective time management and communicating with clarity and precision.

By embedding these principles and practices you will become more confident, support your wellbeing, change your style of working to reap the benefits of productivity.

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Why choose us?

Still need convincing? Here you can see our latest testimonial on how our course delivered.

    Claire is extremely professional and committed to supporting you and your goals

    Claire delivered us a programme of team development which significantly improved our L&D teams’ work processes and systems, resulting in significant efficiencies and greater effectiveness.

Who would benefit?

Anyone who is ready to work productively day in, day out with the added benefit of having a work routine that supports your wellbeing and your strengths!

What does this training cover?

  • You will receive quick fire training for each productivity principle and productivity practice which will allow you to start making changes to your working pattern, routine and personal wellbeing immediately!
  • This workshop has been designed for you to have take aways that can be implemented within hours of the training finishing.

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