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Time Management Training

This programme is bespoke to you and your office needs to ensure the environment you work in becomes focused, effective, productive and most of all, enables you to deliver your workload in full and on time, every time.

What is Time Management Training?

Efficient time management skills can improve your work life balance and decrease stress in your professional and personal life.

By uncovering your time stealers, you can take back control of your day and time. This training will provide you with the core skills of time management, prioritisation and self-discipline.

Managing those daily curve balls and finishing tasks in full and on time can be challenging if you don’t have good time management practices and principles in place.

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Why choose us?

Still need convincing? Here you can see our latest testimonial on how our course delivered.

    I thought I was organised and productive until I met Claire.

    Following my 6 week training I became clear on what was beneficial to me and the organisation, focusing on real value tasks that generated true outcomes.

Who would benefit?

Anyone who wants to develop their time management skills and become more productive.

What does this training cover?

  • Identifying time stealers
  • Principles of time and self-management
  • Identifying peak performance time
  • How to say “no” effectively and when is it appropriate to say “no”
  • Workload prioritisation
  • Managing daily curve balls
  • How to delegate effectively and manage this through
  • Time management solutions
  • Time management strategy for you

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