Why we love doughnuts.

A tasty look at the world of business outsourcing.

Hi there! Would you like a doughnut with your morning coffee?

Watching your waistline?

Fear not, this doughnut is 100% calorie free; in fact it isn’t even edible, but we promise it will be the best doughnut you’ve ever tasted (metaphorically speaking). That is, if you like the taste of success.

Imagine if you will that you, as a small business owner or entrepreneur, are a doughnut hole. Don’t be insulted, in no way are we suggesting you are empty, vacuous or unimportant. Quite the opposite in fact. Without a doughnut hole a doughnut would not exist. It would be a bun, a cake, or a roll. Boring. Commonplace. Ordinary.
A doughnut is special. It is unique. There is no other cake like it. But what makes it so distinct?

The hole!

Much like a polo mint or a bagel, the hole is its exclusivity; it’s what sets it apart from all the other generically-shaped cakes available.
So, we’ve established that you, as the hole, are what makes your business special. You are the core. The heart. The driving force.

However, just as every doughnut needs a hole, it also needs the yummy outer ring, otherwise, let’s face it, it’s just a hole!

This is where we come in. We can be your doughnut.

We can provide all the extra services you need to keep your business running, and to take it to the next level.
As a small business it is essential that you spend your money carefully and hiring a team of salaried staff is not always the most sensible option. Saying that, you do need to speculate to accumulate. By outsourcing you can obtain all the extra skills you require as and when you need them, rather than struggling to keep full-time staff members busy just to ensure value for money.

We have identified seven key services that you might need to outsource:
– PA services
– HR
– Finance
– Creative writing
– Marketing
– Event management
– Business development

Now let’s consider how much it could cost you to fill these seven positions.

According to www.payscale.com the average UK salaries for these seven positions in 2018 were as follows:
– PA: £25,000
– HR Manager: £35,813
– Finance Manager: £38,319
– Copywriter: £23,116
– Marketing Manager: £32,879
– Event Manager: £25,939
– Business Development Manager: £33,694

Therefore to hire these employees full-time you would be looking at just shy of £215,000 a year! Even part-time you’d be looking at over £100,000 a year!

Don’t panic! The answer is simple. You can outsource this work.

All you need to find is seven decent, experienced people to whom you can delegate.

Seven people willing to work casually, as and when required.

Seven people who have the same business ethics as you and are able to work as a team if required.

Seven people who could effectively manage their schedules to be able to work together, or meet at the drop of a hat.

Woah! It doesn’t seem so simple anymore does it?

I’m sure your head is spinning seven different ways right now thinking about just how much time it would take you to find, co-ordinate and manage these seven people.

What if I told you that none of that was relevant?
What if I told you that we had the perfect solution for your business?
What if I told you that we could offer you these seven skills, and more, all in one neat doughnut-shaped package?

We are Farrens, a team of executive virtual assistants with a diverse range of skills.

Many virtual assistants work alone, as a one-man (or woman) show, and while they are able to offer you some of the services listed above they would be unlikely to have the time, range of skills or capacity to be able to provide the whole package. By hiring Farrens we can guarantee that we can deliver everything you need. Our team of virtual assistants had wide-ranging careers before entering this field and with that experience comes an unparalleled variety of abilities.

The meaning of Farrens originates from the terms ‘fardi’ meaning journey and ‘nanthi’ meaning venture. If you let us we can take your venture on a whole new journey, allowing your business to reach heights even you never dreamed possible, and we might even bring some doughnuts to our first meeting, if you’re lucky.

Do’nut give up on your dreams. As Oscar Wilde once said, ‘The optimist sees the doughnut, the pessimist sees the hole’. Don’t be a pessimist, contact us today. No more doughnut puns we promise.

To find out how Farren’s can help your business, call us on 07929359781 or email us at hello@farrens.co.uk