How to Work from Home Productively

We all have different set up’s at home and very different ways of working which need to be taken into consideration when we work from home. Whether you have been working from home for some time or you about to make this change due to changes in circumstances, it can be quite daunting. Everyone has different capabilities of being productive in work but when the office environment becomes you home things can get more challenging.

What is How to Work from Home Productively Training?

It is important when you work from home that you set boundaries, rules and goals. Just because we are in our comfort zone, it doesn’t mean that we become less productive, creative or effective. It means we have to make adjustments, adjustments to suit our working methods, our personality and environment.

This can be very difficult, at the start it might be exciting and new, but then you can easily start to feel isolate and either lazy or constantly working. This is not good, you will suffer, your work will suffer and ultimately the business will suffer.

This training is designed to give you a personal working from home plan that works for you to ensure your productivity stays high and you recognise when changes need to happen to adjust your working patterns.

Who is this course for?

Anyone who is working from home.

What does the course cover?

  • How to plan your day and manage your workload
  • IT tools, how to use them effectively and use them to keep you on track with your workload
  • Mindset and motivation whilst working from home
  • Communication whilst at home
  • How to hold virtual meetings from home
  • Tailored working from home plan for each delegate
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