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My name is Claire Farren, I am a highly motivated individual who enjoys challenging smart ways of working for maximum impact and results.

With over 15 years’ experience working with the C Suite from Welsh Parliament to global corporates to local authorities. I transform senior leaders from burnt out to high impact, working in tandem with staff to change working styles using productive IT Tools, powerful structure for change and clear boundaries to enable a positive work life balance for all. I help teams communicate clearly, converting complex communication into streamlined action plans using my unique formula and approach.

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I recognise how precious time is when you are growing and developing a business which has ultimately driven me to creating Farrens. Through Farrens I am able put all of my expert skills and knowledge which I have accumulated over the years into practice, supporting people personally and help drive businesses forward successfully.

I have the proven ability to push boundaries, think outside the box, challenge ways of thinking and put practices and principles into place. I have experience of supporting businesses from start-up to companies worth $500m and people from both work and personal perspective.

I have experience in various sectors such as healthcare, retail and manufacturing. Regardless of the industry and strict regulatory environment, all businesses require a bespoke approach from someone who is trustworthy, dependable and dedicated with the ability to manage short or long terms tasks, projects and strategies.

I am very proud to be a Cardiff Life Awards finalist and winner of Highly Commended Business Women of the Year 2019 award.

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Productivity Training

The modern workplace has changed a lot over the years, agile working and flexible working is more common and we understand the foundations you need to have in place in order to stay efficient and keep productivity at an all-time high regardless of whether you are working in an office environment or at home.

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Mentoring Programmes

It is time for you to become more confident, efficient, and productive. Through advice and support which is bespoke to you and the outcomes you wish to achieve, then it is time to review our mentoring programmes and show up confidently and productively!


Business Support Services & Consultancy

Whether you are looking for a productivity consultant or business support services, Claire and Farrens can offer bespoke packages to you and your organisation to solve every pain point and problem you have.

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    A true professional powerhouse.

    When I met Claire, I was reaching the point of burn-out and I was in serious need of added support.

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