Keynote Speaker Claire Farren

Claire Farren has over 15 years’ experience working with the C Suite from Welsh Parliament to global corporates to local authorities. I transform senior leaders from burnt out to high impact, working in tandem with staff to change working styles using productive IT Tools, powerful structure for change and clear boundaries to enable a positive work life balance for all. I help teams communicate clearly, converting complex communication into streamlined action plans using my unique formula and approach.

Keynote - How to be a productivity powerhouse

Being busy and being productive are extremely different. Find out how productivity principles, combined with productivity practices, aligned with values will make you into a productivity powerhouse! There are some many books, podcast, videos and blogs to find out about being productive but I have narrowed it down to everything you need to know to change the way your think, to work smarter daily and create positive habits so you can reap the benefits of high productivity. It is time to change the way we work, think and live!


  1. Understand productivity principles and practices
  2. Break through barriers
  3. Align with your values
  4. Find out how to work smarter not harder using simple techniques

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